Essential gear you need to play basketball

So, you want to play basketball and you want to know what gear you need to play the game in a club game or competition.
This article will list the essentials and the extras you need to maximise your enjoyment in playing the game.

Basketball shoes

It is important that you wear the right footwear for the right sport.  In general, basketball shoes are designed to give you the necessary support and comfort that you need when playing the game.
Where and how to chose the right basketball shoes is covered as another topic.  As a general guide you will need to purchase basketball shoes, that is comfortable to wear, with enough support for your ankles when running and jumping during the game.

Most popular brand: Nike, but there are other brands that provide awesome shoes such as Adidas and Converse.


In a competition it is essential if not mandatory to wear basketball uniforms which is composed of Jerseys and shorts.
Being comfortable is key.  Materials for the right basketball uniforms vary but it is essential that the basketball uniform is comfortable to wear, has good absorbent quality, dries relatively quickly and durable.
Cotton singlet is often not recommended as this absorbs sweat but do not dry quickly, leaving the player feeling soaked in sweat.
Popular material are dri-fit and ? as these materials are very light, absorbs the sweat from the body, but the material dries relatively quickly as they allow air to flow into the fabric really well.


In a team situation, the pair of shorts are often made of the same good material as the jerseys.
Appropriate shorts do not have pockets as there is a risk of getting the hands caught in the pockets during the game.
Since Michael Jordan decided to wear a baggy looking pair of basketball shorts for the Chicago Bulls, the trend today is to keep the length of the shorts around knee high or an inch lower to the knees.


Basketball socks must be comfortable to wear, gives you enough cushion and grip.  You know you are wearing the right pair if you are not getting blisters after your game.

Best to bring your own. You may not need one for the game but you might need a basketball during pre-game warm up.

Water bottle

Always bring fluids like water to rehydrate yourself during and after the game.


A good absorbent towel is essential during the game to get rid of your sweat. You might need this if you need to take a shower after the game at the venue.

Rule book: know the rules

You may not necessarily need to bring a physical rule book but make sure you are aware of the rules of the game but it is essential that you have a good understanding of the rules before you play the game.  Basic rules are basketball are essentially the same in any club games but there are various other rules that may have been adapted by specific clubs so to avoid frustration in the game and avoid unnecessary questioning of rules at the referee, it is best to know the rules that govern the game of basketball of your respective club.
It is similar to any competition, that before you play it is important that you know the ‘rules of engagement’ before you go into battle. 🙂

Smart phone

Most likely you will have a smartphone with you even if you are not playing.
If you are bringing it, it is essential your smartphone contains a copy of the Club’s rules and reg.
If the club has an app download it and it most likely show the schedule or game fixture of your game for the season.
Basically make sure your smartphone can access any information about your game and your competition, such as the official website, Facebook page, etc.
You will also need your phone if there is a need to ring emergency hotline.

Gym bag

To put all your gear in.


  • Mouth guard
  • Head band
  • Wrist band
  • Arm guard
  • Elbow pads
  • Knee pads
  • First Aid Kit
  • Bandage
  • Nail clippers


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